About the course: 

“TRAFFIC CATACLYSM: $68,748 in 30 DAYS USING FACEBOOK ALGORITHM” – Whoa boy, hold your horses! Anytime I see numbers like that splashed across a course title, my skepticism alarm starts blaring louder than a fire truck at a cat show. Here’s the thing:

Algorithm Chasing is a Fool’s Game: Facebook’s algorithm changes more often than a chameleon in a bag of Skittles. What works today might be obsolete tomorrow. Focus on timeless marketing principles, not fleeting tricks.

Show Me the Proof, Not the Promise: Anyone can slap a big, fat number on a sales page. Demand evidence. Case studies, testimonials, verifiable results – that’s what separates the snake oil salesmen from the real deal.

Your Mileage May Vary (Significantly): Even if the strategies are legit, there’s no guarantee you’ll replicate those exact numbers. Success depends on your niche, your offer, your execution. Don’t fall for the “get rich quick” illusion.

Look, I’m not saying it’s a scam, but I am saying proceed with caution. And hey, before you shell out big bucks, check out those alternative learning platforms like turbocourses. Might find similar info without the hype and the hefty price tag.

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