John Mac – The 5-Figure Web Designer Side-Hustle

About the course: 

“John Mac – The 5-Figure Web Designer Side-Hustle” – Alright, a 5-figure side hustle designing websites? Sounds like the dream, right? Work from anywhere, be your own boss, rake in the cash. But before you quit your day job and buy that yacht (or, you know, a slightly used kayak), let’s pump the brakes and analyze this like a good website wireframe.

Here’s the thing about side hustles, especially in a competitive field like web design:

  • “5-Figure” doesn’t equal easy money: Sure, some web designers pull in impressive incomes, but it takes time, effort, and a whole lot of hustle. What’s John Mac’s definition of “5-figure”? Is it per month, per year, or maybe per decade? And what kind of effort is required to reach that income level?
  • Skills pay the bills, not just courses: While a course can teach you the basics of web design, it’s your skills, portfolio, and ability to attract clients that will ultimately determine your success. Does John Mac’s program go beyond the basics and equip you with the real-world skills and business acumen needed to thrive in this competitive market?
  • The devil’s in the details: What exactly does John Mac’s program entail? Is it a few hours of pre-recorded videos, or does it offer personalized feedback, mentorship, or support in finding clients? The devil’s in the details, and a vague promise of a “5-figure” income without specifics should raise a red flag.

Remember, building a successful side hustle, especially in web design, requires a combination of skills, hard work, and a solid business strategy. Don’t fall for promises of overnight riches or easy money. Do your research, assess your skills, and choose a program that aligns with your goals and provides real value. And hey, if you’re looking for comprehensive resources on web design, freelancing, and building a sustainable business, platforms like TurboCourses might offer a more grounded and realistic approach. Just sayin’.

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