Chase Dimond – Master Email (& SOME SMS) Collection Forms & Welcome Messages

About the course: 

Chase Dimond’s “Master Email (& SOME SMS) Collection Forms & Welcome Messages” is a targeted and actionable program designed to empower businesses and marketers with the strategies and tactics needed to optimize their email and SMS lead capture processes, craft compelling welcome sequences, and start building strong relationships with their subscribers from day one.

Optimize Lead Capture for Maximum Opt-In Conversions

  • Learn to create attention-grabbing, high-converting lead magnets and opt-in incentives that align with your target audience’s needs and desires
  • Discover best practices for designing visually compelling and user-friendly opt-in forms that capture maximum leads while minimizing friction
  • Gain insights into leveraging advanced tactics like exit-intent popups, content upgrades, and gamification to boost opt-in rates across various channels

Craft Engaging Welcome Sequences That Nurture Relationships

  • Develop expertise in scripting and structuring compelling welcome email and SMS sequences that educate, provide value, and prime subscribers for future offers
  • Learn techniques for infusing personality, storytelling, and resonant messaging that fosters trust, builds rapport, and keeps subscribers engaged from the start
  • Explore strategies for seamlessly transitioning subscribers into your core nurture sequences, promotions, and sales funnels after the welcome phase

Leverage SMS and Omnichannel Integration for Increased Impact

  • Understand when and how to incorporate SMS into your lead capture and welcome strategies for enhanced engagement and conversions
  • Learn to create cohesive, multi-channel experiences by integrating email, SMS, and other channels into unified automated sequences
  • Gain insights into optimizing message timing, frequency, and channel selection for maximum open rates, click-throughs, and subscriber retention

Access an Elite Community of Email and SMS Marketing Experts

  • Connect with a network of successful entrepreneurs, email marketers, and industry leaders who share your passion for building engaged audiences
  • Benefit from personalized mentorship, live coaching sessions, and real-world case studies on effective lead capture and onboarding strategies
  • Stay ahead of the curve with ongoing support, updates, and insights into emerging email and SMS marketing trends and best practices

By mastering Email and SMS Collection Forms & Welcome Messages, you’ll gain the knowledge, strategies, and actionable tactics needed to optimize your lead capture processes, craft compelling welcome sequences, and start building strong, lasting relationships with your subscribers from the moment they opt-in. This targeted program equips you with proven lead magnet creation techniques, opt-in form design best practices, welcome sequence scripting frameworks, omnichannel integration strategies, expert guidance, and access to a supportive community of email and SMS marketing professionals.

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